About us

We work with Subaru cars since 1996. As a Subaru service we repair, modify and maintain all types of Subaru. We built race cars and nowadays we tune street cars and modify them. We have original parts in stock that we ship from Germany every week. We ship the sport parts from the USA, UK and Germany, for which we undertake a 2-3 week shipping deadline. We have all the technical information, technology, machine and tool to serve all the needs and requirements of our customers at the highest quality. We are looking forward for all Hungarian and foreign clients!

  • Services

  • Full repair of Subaru cars
  • Body repair-insurance administration
  • Engine, transmission, other component's restoration
  • Tuning component acquisition, installation
  • Software tuning for cars with turbo, performance improvement
  • Additional extras
  • Windshield replacement
  • MOT test
  • Part selling from stock
  • Part order for weekly delivery
  • Repair of Subaru cars made in the USA
  • Part acquisition from USA
  • Extras

  • Original additionals, acquisition, sale, installation of extras
  • Original Subaru clothes and wide range of additionals
  • All about Tuning, parts, reconstruction, programming
  • Car stickers for unique requirements




  • Our company has great experience in the tuning of Subaru.
  • Our engines are made by replacing pistons, connecting rods, bearings, camshafts or by any other mechanic modification.
  • We also do cylinder head porting and cylinder sleeve replacment.
  • We make the list of neccessary parts on the basis of prior needs.
  • We also build cars with 4-500 HP.
  • We utilize Cosworth, CP, ARP, ACL, HKS, Cusco, Perrin, Manley , APS, Garreth, IHI etc. parts.
  • The softwares of our computers are made in the USA and we load up the programs with an on-line system.
  • Every car gets individual, unique software.
  • Supplement the stock computer with Turbo XS, multiple program's handling is possible for the driver.
  • We are capable of preparing cars for using etanol (E85).
  • We can also make additional programs optionally.
  • Our principle is to keep the comfort, handling and reliability of the street cars.
  • For request we give a complete bid on the internet!

Car exchange

Beside the cars shown on the website we are working with every Subaru type and also we can manage the acquisition of any other car brands. If you are looking for used, standard or tuned cars and have any personal requirements, you can count on us!


Parts from disassembled cars or from inventory for sale.


Subaru clothes, additionals.

More info on 0620/315-4772 phone number.



Seibiko Solutions Ltd.
Szerviz address: 1154 Bp. Damjanich u. 4/a
Phone: +36-209-452-753
Fax: +361-203-61-04
Email: subaru@seibiko.hu
  • Opening:
  • Monday - Friday : 7:00 - 16:00
  • Closed on weekend.

If you have any suggestions about the website, please inform me on iszamate@gmail.com e-mail address!


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